Our aim is non- proliferation of food safety hazards in the printing & packaging process, emerging HACCP, competency and encompassing

  •  Laws 3 of the land relevant to the food chain will be observed accordingly.
  • Customer requirements will be met to the agreed specifications.
  • The strategic decision of the organization will be upheld.
  •  No recycled material will be the part of production process.
  • Caring will be made for the needs & expectations of the interested parties.
  •  SMART Objectives will be framed and achieved consequently.
  • Indispensable change in the policy will be endorsed leading to continual improvement.
  • Communication will be made at appropriate level Internally & externally.

As a Chief Executive of this Organization, I am committed to implementing this policy and every employee is responsible to endorse its effectiveness at all stages.

Approved by:
Date: 17.03.2020