Flexible Packaging

Flexible packaging has attracted the whole world to harness the increasing consumption & convenience. The printed laminate and its conversion into packaging material have tremendously boosted up the business. Poly Propylene, Polyethylene, and Polyester are the petrochemicals originated ingredients bearing different characteristics and properties, depends upon the application. Flexible printing, at our end, is being carried out at high speed Five & Seven color printing machines with full automation. It stimulates good barrier properties and preservation of the packed food product. It demonstrates the real value of money in terms of payback. Nevertheless the increasing trends in prices we are producing ever good quality of the product at substantial prices to create easiness for the consumer without compromising the quality. Slitting is another application mode to convert the wider web into the smaller ones at the high-speed slitter with high accuracy, as asked by the customer.

MFP is equipped with Solventless Laminator. The efficacy of this proven technology can be advocated through its implication, not to pose any threat of cross-contamination to the product that came into contact during packaging.