Our services with the customer are merely based on to strengthen the liaison, better communication, ensuring just in time delivery, endeavoring new developments and reciprocating the complaint across the whole business activities to dislodge the misconceptions.

Offset Printing

Offset Printing is another domain, we are in deal. We use prime quality of raw materials, indulging state of the art technology and engagement of competent professionals to pocket the best quality of end product.

Printing on metallized board is our specialty which differentiate from the other competitors at the competitive cost.

Roll to Roll Labels Printing

MFP cannot over ruled the arising needs of roll to roll labels printing. In order to capacitate the requirements of the customer, we are fully equipped with latest version of technology with built in production capacity of 1.5 million labels per day of different printing colors by using self-adhesive paper of the finest quality including metallized label, pearl label and transparent label.

Major consumers are Cosmetics, Pharmaceuticals, Food and beverages.

Tube Section

Tube making is another business horizon to deal with. Tube making is the laminate of different polymer films of different microns extruded with aluminum foil as a good barrier of aroma. Basic functionality is filling of the cosmetics, medicated ointments and jells.

The objectivity of the tube is to abstain from any leakage during processing of the product and inert to aroma barrier. A production on massive scale is under the stringent quality assurance to predict its intended use.

Gravure (Flexible Printing)

Flexible packaging has attracted the whole world to harness the increasing consumption & convenience. The printed laminate and its conversion into packaging material has tremendously boost up the business. Poly Propylene, Polyethylene and Polyester are the petrochemical originated ingredients bearing different characteristics and properties, depends upon the application.

Flexible printing, at our end is being carried out at high speed Five & Seven color printing machines with full automation. It stimulate good barrier properties and preservation of the packed food product. It demonstrates real value of money in terms of pay back. Nevertheless the increasing trends in prices we are producing ever good quality of the product at substantial prices to create an easiness for the consumer without compromising the quality. Slitting is another application mode to convert the wider web into the smaller one at the high speed slitter with high accuracy, as asked by the customer.

Lamination Facilities

MFP is equipped with Solvent less Laminator. The efficacy of this proven technology can be advocated through its implication posing no threat of cross contamination to the product came into contact during packaging.

Sleeve Making

Sleeves are inherently shrinkable material in machine direction while subjected to applied temperature. Beverage and cosmetics industry is the major consumer of printed sleeves.

We can produce the sleeves at short notice as per the requirement of the customers.

Tissue Conversion

With the increasing trends of tissue consumption has revolutionized the world to put in use the virgin wood fiber which is environment friendly. Our attention is to explore this business horizon deeply. Our predetermined apprehension is to provide the tissue at the lowest cost but of superior quality. We have launched the tissue with the brand name “Bluebell”.

Promotional packing of tissue is the success so far we have gained extraordinarily. We are striving for a differentiation from the competitors to get an edge by packing the tissue in right numbers, in right size and easy to unfold. Bleach board and metallized board is used for packaging the tissue, to synchronize a good presentation and harness to use. We are aimed to produce the other verities also and to be there in the market with a fame rather than defame. Our objectivity is to lead through value addition.