A Message from the CEO, MFP

Maqsood Faisal Printing Press is a family oriented business entity with an impressive track record of intensive advance experience of Integrated Printing & Packaging for the last three decades. It is a success reality of Chairman Haji Maqsood Ahmad, my father, a man of principles. His Devotion, Dedication and Commitment towards industrious up growing has inspired us to join hands with him to gear up the gained success. Also, the efforts made by my brothers, now as directors of the company cannot be over ruled. They too collaborate equally with due diligence to turn this unit into a Printing & Packaging Complex. This never ending struggle has embraced an exhilaration in terms of Excellent rather than good. The core value of our business is to practice fair Business Principles, Ethics, Regulatory Compliance and Rituals. We do feel honor to be recognized as venture capitalist and it means to us.

We do care the self - respect of the employees by acknowledging them as an asset. To be straight forward in both words & deeds has engraved deeply to me an inspiration of Self-indulgency, self-reliance and respect for the human rights by adopting judicious ways of life.
A team of diversified professionals is being led by to follow the strategic decisions for the Organizational growth. Least but not the last, we are enthusiastic for Customer delight, Continual improvement, Competitiveness and exploring new business horizons.
Our apprehension is the assertiveness of our Vision to enhance both quality and quantity but not at the cost of endangering SH&E (Safety, Health, & Environment) We pray to Almighty Allah to bless with a substantial growth, not only to this Organization but also the manpower involved in all the activities at all levels.
Mahmood Ahmad
Chief Executive Officer
Maqsood Faisal Printing Press (smc-pvt) Limited
Date: May 4, 2018

Welcome to MFP

The existence of Maqsood Faisal Printing Press is merely based on the struggle to commensurate towards the Nation building. This was not the dream but a vision to step ahead in 1989 to establish a Printing Press & its Conversion into Packaging material by the use of indigenous resources in a judicious way. Chairman Haji Maqsood Ahmad played a leading role to demonstrate a leadership. This vision was further strengthened by family members Mr. Mahmood Ahmad, CEO of the company, Mr. Ashfaq Ahmad, Director Finance and Mr. Faiz Ahmad, Director Technical.
Coping with the technology based invasion, a mass production is being carried, compassing Metallized, Rotogravure, offset, Labelling, Tube making, Pouch making and laminates. MFP is now being recognized by the diversified clienteles.

Company at the moment is equipped with latest version of state of the art machines like Worldly, Hsing Wel, Comexi, Nordmeccanica, Heildberg speed master and Labelmen. This proven technology is driven by highly motivated and competent professionals. Customer focus is our prime objective, caring for. We are endeavoring for the provision of quality products at their door steps. MFP has engraved this success by ascertaining fair business principles, ethical values, fair presentation and following regulatory compliance. We are proud to be the part of those activities contributing towards the prosperity and Nation building.


We are endeavoring to enhance customer delight through induction of proven technology & competency. Due diligence to fair business principles and ethics while maintaining international quality standards.


We want to sustain the attained success being a good team player in the field of

Quality Management System

As the significance of Quality Management, we are also in the process to be recognized as quality conscious company by joining hands in a row with the International community for the certification of ISO 9001:2015.

A system which conforms the validation of the product for its intended use, customer satisfaction complying with regulatory obligation and defying the competitors for a competitive edge.

iso copy

System Certification

MFP has crowned with ISO 9001:2015, Quality Management System, which is an indicator to claim that how we are strivingto meet customer delight and Regulatory Compliance through cohesive efforts at all levels.

But it is not the end of the journey, MFP is moving a step forward for the certification of Food Safety System Certification (FSSC 22000). This will enableus to ensure Quality & Food Safety of the products produced, suitable for its intended purpose.

Production Department

Capacity and Capability

Total no. of staff members: Approx. 300 Per Month capacity of different departments is as follows:

Sr. # Printing Type/ Process Total Capacity (Approx.)
1Offset Printing400 Tons/ Month
2Gravure Printing250 Tons/ Month
3Label Printing30 Million/ Month
4Tubes Making3 Million/ Month
5Tissue Conversion0.5 Million/ Month